The Rain Falls Hard... The Mucker Jacket

The rain falls hard on a humdrum town...

Well, it does if you're based where we are, a city with a reputation for precipitation.

It always seems to rain in Manchester though our rudimentary research tells us it rarely features in the top ten for UK Cities when it comes to rainfall, so make of that what you will.

Regardless of your source of meteorological information, we can all agree April in the UK isn't shy of a big squeezing out of clouds and the chance of rain is always present. That's why we're pretty please/proud to share a bit more info on our Mucker Jacket today.

It takes its name from the colloquial term for 'friend', and that's on purpose. If you're on any journey, short of long, you want a companion you can rely on, and ideally one who makes you look pretty cool. We've tried to ensure our Mucker is the clothing equivalent of your best pal.

Coming in two colours, the Mucker is designed to be that trans-seasonal outerwear piece you can throw on without worrying too much about studying the forecast. It'll serve you well in most wet weather situations. 

The Cobalt Blue is proper blue. It's the colour we want the sky to be for the next few months, ideally. Although if it is that colour, the need for suave outerwear such as this may be negated. So don't hope too much. However, regardless of the setting or season, this is one of the best jackets we've ever produced, by our reckoning. 

Also arriving in a mixture of Taupe and Lime (which sounds like a lively cocktail), it's appropriately summery without needing to be in your face bright colours. 

In all, we're immensely proud of this and the fact we're able to offer it for an affordable price is even more gratifying.