Hikerdelic Inner Circle: Eastern Bloc Records

What do you love most about the Eastern Bloc community? 
A true love of music, it's nice to be able to geek out and really connect over something we all hold so dear. Also, now that we are running events the crowd is always super accepting and honest, a real safe space where all walks of life can come to enjoy good music.
Three decades in, is there anything EB hasn't done that you want to be doing?
There's always ideas flying about, with the recent addition of some new staff members let's see what comes out of it.
What in-store events should we be looking out for in the coming months?

August is looking stacked in terms of the events, if I had to pull a couple of highlights I'd say Hyper Violet crew on the 11th of August for a high-energy night of House music via Kwassa files co-founder Roeg and resident Luke Daniels with Sam The Bastard completing the line up, taking you to the weird and wonderful areas of dance music.

Secondly on the 25th of August  Break even, a local deep techno collective, will be providing deep & hypnotic grooves via resident Yockley and support coming from a b2b of local collectives 01366 & Mycelium with DJ's twelveseven and Onkel 

What's one album everyone should listen to irrespective of what tastes they have?
This would probably change on a day-to-day basis but here's the current buzz
Ben : Barker - Utility 
Jim : 4hero - Two Pages
Silas : Super cat - Don Dada