Hikerdelic Inner Circle: Intrspct Collective

Hey Ransford, how's your week going so far?

So far i'm having a really good week thank you. With it currently being half-term it means I get a chance to get some rest and spend more time with my family!

We saw you were leading a hike over the weekend just gone, how did it go? What was it all about?

The INTRSPCT Collective hike was an amazing experience and it went much better than I envisioned. The purpose of the Hike was to raise money for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who are leading a movement against suicide.

Tell us a bit more about INTRSPCT Collective as a whole?

Our ultimate goal here at INTRSPCT is to reduce the high rates of suicide and depression within the male community. We endeavour to create a culture of care for men in a world where we may seek belonging in the wrong places and things.

We do this through weekly runs and hikes which allows us to build community and connection with one another as we look to change the narrative of what it means to be a man in todays society. We must fight to create and maintain a community of care and vulnerability amongst ourselves and other men around us. It saves lives.

Vulnerability amongst men is an anomaly and mostly uncomfortable. However, contrary to what most men are taught to believe, there's strength in vulnerability. 


Why do you think community walking or running groups are so prevalent at the moment and why did you feel like it was the right time to start yours?

The mental, physical and social benefits of running and walking (especially in a group) are indubitable. I think more people are not just becoming more aware of these benefits but are yearning to get those around them involved as well. Being able to share how good something is with those around you only adds to the joy of it.

I started INTRSPCT Collective to create a community of care for men in Manchester to know that contrary to what some are taught to believe, there's stength in vulnerability & weakness. I wanted to create a safe space for men like myself to know that they have the freedom and the space to be themselves.

To be challenged. To grow. To learn. To build.

To be rooted in community.

People often open up more to each other when walking side by side, what is your take on the link between movement and mental health?

As a P.E teacher, most of my days are spent teaching pupils about how great movement is, not just for our physical wellbeing but also our mental and social wellbeing. 

Community movement, whether that be running, walking, cycling, fitness classes etc are great ways to remove barriers when it comes to building deeply rooted relationships and connections. 

The fact that a run or a hike with others can  make us feel so much better physically & mentally makes me believe that we were created to move, and move freely with like minded people through community.

Check them out on Instagram @intrspct.collective, hike photos by Ransford