Hikerdelic Inner Circle: Stockport Fungi

Stockport Fungi are an urban mushroom farm nestled in the basement of an old coffee warehouse beneath the seasonal and sensational restaurant Where The Light Gets In. In essence, they're where the light doesn't get in. Not only do they kit out their neighbouring restaurants with fine fungi but they are also putting on workshops and have some exciting new projects launching soon too. Anyway we wont spore you any longer, read on for our chat with Alex the founder.

What does a good day look like for you?

"Everyday with mushrooms is completely different, a good day is opeing the door to the grow room with loads of mushrooms ready to harvest, also a sunny day doing deliveries followed by a workshop which is always fun. actually, any day without contamination in our grain is a good day."

Are you working on any new stuff at the moment?

"we are developing loads of new stuff, we’ve been experimenting with mycelium as a building and art material which is exciting. We are also launching some new grow kits using lionsmane and pink oysters very soon!"

What's the most memorable collaboration or project you've worked on?

"Our first workshop at Track brewery. So scary but really fun and led to many more."

What's the best thing about your community?

"Since we founded Stockport fungi we’ve been working with so many cool and creative people, we’ve built a really friendly network where everyone is excited about mushrooms, its great!"

Finally, what's next for Stockport Fungi?

"We're developing an educational programme and a range of workshops including at home mushroom cultivation and art workshops. We will also be launching a monthly mushroom subscription."

Alex wears the Peak meets Precint tee in White
Nathan wears the Sporeswear tee in Yellow