Ready for launch?

Right back at the start of our journey to bring this range together we felt drawn to outer space. Maybe it was the fact we were in the midst of a lockdown and we found ourselves stargazing, dreaming of being anywhere else but earth. Maybe it was just an extension of our AW21 range which implored you to Get Out More. The next step, Get Far Out More.

A flurry of research ensued and we found ourselves devouring nuggets of information around the moon, space travel and of course NASA.

Happening upon this shot one of us remarked these horizontal stripes might be just as fitting on 'Bummed' era Shaun Ryder, in his Reebok Workout Hi's, suitably bowl headed and looking for his next psychedelic experience. 

It was settled then. This patriotic triumvirate of red, white and navy blue would feature in our Spring collection, with a dash of pique added to the mix for the first time.

We will share more of this in due course, but we can assure you, this clothes thing we do isn't just thrown together. We do a lot more thinking than we do doing.