Hikerdelic Inner Circle: The Rosellas

The Rosellas have the tunes to make their ambitions a reality as they proved with their previous release ‘’Somewhere Inbetween. The EP went straight to Number #1 in the iTunes Rock Charts and Number #4 in the iTunes UK Album Charts, as well as gaining constant support from legendary tastemakers such as John Kennedy (Radio X) and Jim Salveson (XS Manchester).

Rosellas not only prove their versatility yet again with The Same Curse (released 24th November 2023) but foremost their outstanding level of song writing that continues to grow stronger with every release. They bring to the table what many bands struggle to achieve; longevity for years to come. 

Have a listen to The Same Curse here

We kitted them out for a recent gig and had a chance to ask them a few questions

What does a good morning look like for you? 
"A good morning is any morning I don’t have to go to work. Or the morning after a big gig is always good, despite the hangover".

Describe each band member in one word?
Euan - Casual
Drew - Assured
Mark - Perfectionist 
Ollie - DJ
Luis - Chauffeur

What is your songwriting process?

"Me and Drew are the main writers, I always start with chords and he always starts with a riff or lead part, so it works well. We then come together to get a melody and lyrics then take the raw acoustic version to the band to beef it out. It can take anything from an afternoon to a year to finish a tune, so there’s no set length of time".

Where can we see you play next & what was your best live experience?

"The next gig is in Swansea at the Bunkhouse on December 30th, and the best gig was our recent sold-out headline show at Band on The Wall in Manchester. Was class to hear so many people singing back our songs".

Any exciting plans or releases in 2024?

Another UK Headline Tour is on the horizon and plenty of big releases are at the ready. Singles and maybe an EP