Introducing... The Hikerdelic Calland Puffer Jacket

Is cord the most practical outer fabric for a padded winter puffer jacket? Well, maybe there are better performing materials out there, but do they look as lovely? We think not.

The truth is, this is the most complete embodiment yet of what Hikerdelic means to us. Cord by its nature is velvet for the people. When royalty used velvet to show their status, the commoners took that look and made it their own via corduroy. It's an age old tale of the working classes wearing clothing beyond their status yet still having the innate individuality to twist it a little. That's why corduroy works for us. A good friend of ours coined the term "luxury scruff" and that covers it for us. Think mid-80s casuals dressing down to avoid being pigeon holed by the authorities. Think scientists with eye watering halitosis yet an unerring aim for the sartorial centre bull. Anti Cool. Uncle Cool.

On the subject of scientists, another local name lends further depth to the development of this piece. F.C Williams may sound like your mate's five a side team but it stands for Frederic Calland Williams, a man born in the Romiley district of our home town, who spent the 39-45 conflict through radar research.

Following this he relocated to the University of Manchester where he basically helped invent the modern computer. Could go into loads more detail, but it's pretty meta that you're now going to use your miniature computerised telephone to find out about one of its inventors. So there you have it, boffins and corduroy go together and the fact this bloke was such a pioneer is a happy coincidence.

The Calland Puffer is being produced in the lowest numbers of all outerwear we've ever produced so if you want one, you'll need to ensure you're quick off the mark. Available in due course.