Week 32 - Dear Diary - New Bag Collaboration

We're back from full furlough this week. Just in time for the dreaded second wave. What can you do though? We've just got to be vigilant and embrace the new normal. 

Behind the scenes, plenty has been happening. This week sees the release of part one of our collaboration with a little-known Russian brand named Gosha Orekhov. We saw these guys on Instagram about 2 years ago and came within a whisker of getting something off the ground. For various reasons, it never came off, but recent conversations ended positively and here we are. 

Bag with Hikerdelic Brand Tag
Keep an eye on our Instagram for some more pics this week. The bags are limited to just ten of each colour and they go online this coming Thursday at 7pm.

Feel like there's loads more to tell you, but we'll leave it for next time. For now, nice one for reading and thanks for your ongoing nice comments, purchases and your sharing of our stuff online. It makes us smile and blush at the same time.