Introducing... The Hikerdelic Conway Smock

New for Autumn/Winter '20, introducing the Conway Smock.

This is our third smock and clearly things have moved on in look and feel. The woven arm patch features the work of @daren_newman and will also appear on a couple of t-shirts in the range.

This smock features drawstring hood and hem with contrast colours (purple, to be exact) and comes in two colours, this deep banana yellow colour (nesquick anyone?) and a rich navy shade which looks like futuristic denim, but isn't. The 60/40 fabric is a well established cloth in outdoor clothing which boasts the necessary technical chops to see you through the wind and rain.

As for the name, well it's another local figure with a slightly vague but relevant clothing link. James Conway was a milkman who volunteered to take part in a daring World War 2 mission to destroy German vessels docked in Bordeaux. This feat was commemorated in 1955 film Cockleshell Heroes. A statue of Conway minus his canoe stands proudly in our (and his) hometown. Under his life jacket, he's wearing a very suave hooded jacket with what looks like a sleeve patch. The look is topped off with a nice wool cap. Give him a Google.

The Hikerdelic Conway Smock will be available in August 2020.

Statue of Milkman James Conway From the Film 1955 film Cockleshell Heroes