Strangeways Here We Come

It started out as an opportunity to take some photos in and around our Ancoats base. Next news we're google earthing Cheetham Hill and Strangeways. Loads of nice walls around there, good backdrop. Plus, you know, it's a big prison. 

Alas, we never made it that far. Instead we stuck to the neighbourhood. For the best, really. They won't have liked us taking photos near such a high risk security building, probably. Maybe we'll give it a go next time. 

Here's some pics anyway. All of this is available here on this website. Do your worst. 

Purple Hikerdelic T-Shirt

Hikerdelic Original Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt Colour Red

Model Wearing Hikerdelic Green Jacket Standing on Manchester East Ringroad

Girl Wearing Hikerdelic Track Top, Colour Purple

Hikerdelic Classic Logo T-Shirt, Navy Blue

Zipping Up the Hikerdelic, Fleece Gilet, Bottle Green

Standing by Manchester Ship Canal Wearing Hikerdelic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Hikerdelic Yellow Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Colour Grey

Wearing White Hikerdelic T-Shirt With Large Blue Logo