Dark Peak T-shirts

We collaborated with local tattoo artist Goblyn Crew to create two limited edition T-shirts inspired by the northernmost and more rugged Peak District landscape, specifically the gritstone planes of Kinder Scout. Let’s set the scene, it’s December, the dark evenings have really set in and a sharp frost is hanging in the air but the peaks are still calling you. 

Put on your backpack (the one with the eyes) and take a moonlit stroll amid the weird and wild flora and fauna that keep you company along the way. Or… if you feel like the commute to work is already enough of a trek then channel everything we just depicted by wearing the Dark Peaks tee from the comfort of your home. Available in a khaki green short sleeve and a black long sleeve iteration.

Know your Peaks:

What is the dark peak you ask in a cautious tone? The Dark Peak is characterized by its higher, gritstone plateaus, moorlands, and rock formations, which give the landscape a darker, grittier appearance. Stanage Edge, Kinder Scout Plateau and The Roaches are all part of the Dark Peak and the area is often associated with more challenging and remote terrain. 

The weather can be harsh and the landscape can feel desolate but in a good way that just adds to the area's character and intrigue. It offers a stark contrast to the limestone dales of the White Peak and is also home to a rich variety of hardy flora and fauna which have adapted to the unique, sometimes challenging landscape. You can spot some of these incorporated in the tee design!

Kinder Downfall:

Notice how Goblyn Crew (his real name is Dan) wrote Hikerdelic in water flowing up the mountain? This represents Kinder downfall and the times when 70mph winds ravage the landscape and cause a phenomena where the waterfall appears to be flowing backwards up the fell. 

It’s worth noting there is also a small pool just below Kinder Downfall which is said to be inhabited by a mermaid who may or may not make you immortal if you visit her on Easter eve. Just something to note if you’re heading up there in the Spring and fancy tying in a visit to try your luck.