Week 33 - Eric and Derek incoming

Despite no new product this week, it's been another head exploder in terms of things going on. 

With the first drop of AW20 due in 2 weeks, and our sale section looking pretty depleted we thought we'd keep things moving with a new t-shirt release. This will feature our cartoon duo Eric and Derek. Both have had a minor makeover and will find themselves on the front of t-shirts, possibly as soon as next week. 

Aside from that, other irons in fires include:- 

- A second drop of Gosha Orekhov bags, this time actual backpacks. 
- Mugs to match the aforementioned cartoon tees
- Ongoing talks with Earthwell about another drinking vessel release

They're just ones for the immediate future. We'll be sharing more info when it's right to do so. For now, take a look at the mugs we've transplanted over from propermag.com. They were always meant for Hikerdelic and now they're in their rightful place. Also remember we had a nice restock on bucket hats recently that was perhaps lost in the midst of our sale and other releases.