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Strangeways Here We Come

It started out as an opportunity to take some photos in and around our Ancoats base. Next news we're google earthing Cheetham Hill and Strangeways. Loads of nice walls around there, good backdrop. Plus, you know, it's a big prison. Alas, we never made it that far. Instead we stuck to the neighbourhood. For the best, really. They won't have liked us taking photos near such a high risk security building, probably. Maybe we'll give it a go next time. Here's some pics anyway. All of this is available here on this website. Do your worst. 

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Classic T-Shirt Design, Department of Hikerdelia

The Heritage of Hikerdelic

Hikerdelic? It's a weird one, really.It all began with a tweet.Shortly after tweeting this I received a text from a friend in 'the industry' who suggested I get the word Hikerdelic trademarked quickly. I laughed. As if. It was just a throwaway tweet. We used the word more and more until eventually, it became a bit of a thing. This was no doubt aided by us working with people like Ben Lamb and Topo Designs on magazine and t-shirt projects such as this...   This was in May 2013. Things had crawled on rather than moved on. By early 2016, our day job as editors of Proper Magazine was ready to become a full-time thing. It was time to take some sort of ownership of Hikerdelic. It was time to get a bit more serious about the whole thing. It's taken a while but Hikerdelic is now a real, living, breathing brand which stands on its own two feet, with seasonal collections and collaborations with brands we've loved for ages. A team of five have a hand in the design process, with myself and Neil Summers taking a lead just as we do with the magazine.  

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